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Circular economy in the plastics industry

Plastic pollution became and continues to be a vast human made environmental disaster. This white paper provides you with a perspective on and navigator for transforming the plastics industry into a more future proof and circular industry basing upon more broad circular economy standard works, that show the possibilities and necessities for implementing a circular business model, incl. e.g. the 7R’s (rethink, reduce, re-use, repair, refurbish, recover, recycle).

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Students report on their visit at CIVAG

We had the opportunity to welcome a highschool class to the topic of circular economy. This is their original report in German.

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Was ist Kreislaufwirtschaft?

Die Kreislaufwirtschaft hat zum Ziel, Produkte, Materialien, Ressourcen effizient und so lange wie möglich (wieder-)zuverwenden. Das lineare Wirtschaftssystem basiert darauf, natürliche Rohstoffe abzubauen, für Produktherstellung zu verwenden, zu konsumieren und anschliessend wegzuwerfen. Diese «Wegwerfgesellschaft» führt zu Ressourcenverknappung, unnötigen Mengen an Abfall und einer hohen Umweltverschmutzung.

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